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“Masal” means “Fairy Tale” in Turkish. A story book experience is the kind of experience we give to our customers. With vibrant colors, patterns, and a subtle mix of traditional and modern details, we invite you to take a seat amongst the many different people and many diverse languages, and retreat from the hectic life of the city. Masal Café started with humble beginnings then grew a great deal in the last twelve years and is located in the famous historical Lundy’s building. Lundy’s first opened its doors in 1935 and was the largest restaurant in the United States in its time. Nestled next to the water, Masal Café takes the history and tradition from our heart and incorporates contemporary luxuries to bring you a relaxed sense of adventure in our service and in our food. So join us for some tea to reconnect or to discover new things with the melodic sound of Turkish singing and the gentle lights reflecting off the water.